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Nelson Silva

I am a footwear designer based in Toronto. My background in Industrial Design and hands-on shoemaking allows me to merge small- and large-scale problem solving to tackle broader issues around sustainability and think in new ways about footwear. I have over 15 years of professional experience in athletic footwear design, handmade shoemaking for film, advanced pattern making, high-concept footwear, and design directing for a specialty safety footwear manufacturer in Toronto. I also operate my own small-batch vegan footwear studio.

I am a graduate of OCAD (BDes) and have completed courses in pattern making at Arsutoria in Italy and 3D printing at SLEM Institute (currently the Footwearists) in the Netherlands. My approach is characterized by intensive research, using play and constant experimentation with different materials to analytically reflect on dignity in design.

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